Emergency Electrical Wiring Repairs in Your Home & Business

Servicing commercial businesses and residential homes in Texarkana, Texas and the surrounding areas since 2011, Poor Boy’s Electric has been proudly supplying our valued customers with quality electrical services. Poor Boy’s Electric and our professionals have all the necessary credentials such as; licensing, certifications, full coverage insurance to bring you authentic professional electrical services. Our experienced electricians uphold our high moral standards, friendly customer service, and superior quality on all services rendered. In each of our technician’s vans you find it fully stocked with exclusive professional grade equipment, tools, supplies, and products to enhance our skills and expertise concerning your electrical needs.

Troubleshooting Electrical Wiring Shorts & Problems

Commercial and residential buildings in Greater Texarkana, Texas can experience electrical difficulty. From minor issues such as faulty outlets, to erratic light flickering and major problems like circuit breaker hardships and backup generators, Poor Boy’s Electric professionals has the expertise to get the job done as quickly as possible with efficiency and perfection. If electrical problems go unrepaired, power bills can surge and worse yet, electrical fires can devastate your home or business. With our affordable rates, you can’t afford to neglect the electrical problems you are facing.

Common Electrical Wiring Mistakes & Emergency Repairs

Electrical repairs made by Poor Boy’s Electric experts to your home or business’s backup generators, electrical wiring, fuses, breaker or electric panels, surge and lightning protection, lighting LED lighting, recessed lighting, light fixtures, decorative or accent lighting, ceiling fans, switches and dimmers, outlets, security lights, landscape lights, and any other electrical problems will be running efficiently to keep your business safe and your home or business running smoothly. We are often called in to fix other’s mistakes – whether well meaning DIY homeowners or unlicensed home repair and handyman contractors not trained or experienced to deal with electrical work!

Signs of Bad Electrical Wiring

If your home or business is showing the following symptoms, call Poor Boy’s Electric as soon as possible.
Continuous tripping of circuit breaker: The breakers are a crucial safety feature in your home or business, as it will cut the power off in the event the electric wires or circuits are surged with too much power. If the circuit breakers did not exist, the excess power could damage your electrical system and possibly ignite a fire.
Outlets appear loosened: Loose outlets are common in commercial buildings or residential homes as they age and are used often. If you plug something into your outlet and the plug falls out, it most likely means that the contacts are worn or loose. No matter the circumstance a loose outlet can mean trouble as it renders the outlet useless. The lesser of the consequences would result in a useless outlet, the worst being that the item plugged in gets damaged. However, similar problems can occur in the event of backstabbed or loose wires connecting the outlet to the rest of the electrical system.
Lights flicker often: Lights that flicker are suffering from an interrupted power flow, which usually means either a loose connection or frayed wires somewhere along the line. Electrical wires can fray over time, or from other means like pests chewing on them. Flickering lights will frequently worsen in instances of high wind or rain.

Residential & Commercial Electrical Inspections, Troubleshooting, Diagnosis & Emergency Repairs in Texarkana & Longview, Texas

Poor Boy’s Electric is equipped and ready to repair your electrical problems to your commercial business and residential home in Texarkana, Texas and surrounding areas. With our satisfactory results you will trust in our consistency in premium electrical services you use us time and time again, to reach us quickly and conveniently be sure to store our contact information in your cell phone. Call us today to repair the electrical problems in your home or business.

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